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Guangzhou Hua Jian Chemical Industrial Company Limited is a collection technology, engineering, trade in one of the industrial company, the introduction of advanced production equipment and raw materials, and hired foreign experts for technical consultants, focus on the production of plastic paint, toy paint, metallic paint, rubber paint, car paint and coatings research and development, and implementation of the production, sales of all in one service. Company to " quality first, service first" for enterprise purposes, refine on, keen on innovation, the courage to open up, welcome customers to order samples to plate. The company's main products ( including creative licensing): Paint, paint, plastic paint, plastic paint, plastic water-based paint, glass paint, all kinds of toys, metal paint curium paint, paint aluminum, rubber paint, flexible paint, leather paint, paint, paint, glasses candles villi paint, paint, paint, hard and soft PVC automotive paint, paint, chassis paint, motorcycle alcohol resistant paint, conductive paint, glass paint, vacuum aluminum plating paint, shoe bottom oil, paint, flash paint, luminous paint, paint, chameleon paint flower, sand paint, lacquer cracks, pattern paint, paint, paint PU lighting, UV light-cured lacquer, non-stick paint, high-temperature paint, adhesives, PP glue, water ( water film), localization of membrane ( water paste ), PP, PE water treatment water treatment, hammer paint, silk screen, printing ink, days that water, matte powder ( paste ), N - methyl pyrrolidone ( NMP ), water transfer printing with an activating agent, water film, water transfer film, color ( aqueous ) etc..

Company address: Guangzhou City Road No. 25room 213weeks

Zip code: 510170

Phone:020-84761848 020-34766726



E-mail: gzhjhggs@21cn.com

Website: www.gzhuajian.com