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Soft bait PVC plastic paint

Soft bait PVC plastic paint
Product category: T2000
Base material: polyketone polymers of vinyl
Color color : colored or according to customer requirements of color
By road: suitable for soft PVC ( or vinyl PVC ) polyvinyl chloride plastics
Special: smooth, bright, excellent adhesion and flexibility
Character: the European standard ROHS, American Standard ASTM F963-95EN71
Technical information
Drying time: dry to touch: < 15minutes /25 C
Solid stem: < 1hours
Attached to a force: ( scribe ) intact rate:100%
Soft and tough: <1mm flash point:40 C
Method of use: spray, dip coating
( paint : open water = 1:1.5~ 2, silver oil: water = 1:3~ 4, spraying Mix )
Package installed:4L / card,18L / tank
Complete varieties:1001A diluted water (4L / card,18L / pot,200L / barrel )
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