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Flexible touch rubber paint

Flexible touch rubber paint
Flexible touch rubber paint and its finish with soft elastic handfeel, widely used in computers, mobile phone, small household electrical appliances, automobile interiors and other advanced products finishing.
A flexible touch rubber paint, spray
In 1, directly in the ABS plastic parts surface coating paint or in the primer spray is sprayed on the surface of paint.
2, ratio of SZ-3000: SZ: rubber paint curing agent diluent: SZ = 10:1: 3-4
In 3, according to the proportion of mixed spray spray paint on the interior of the workpiece.
4, after spraying the workpiece add65 degrees oven bake30-60minutes or placed at room temperature for more than 12 hours.
Note:1: rubber paint the main agent and a curing agent ratio must be known. In 2, the curing agent is added after the rubber paint must be in 1-2 hours run.
3, thinner proportion can be adjusted according to the actual situation.
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